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Sdyfu Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Bottle Hydrogen Rich Water Cup


Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Bottle Hydrogen Rich Water Cup

Product name:Hydrogen Water Ionizer Bottle
Size:178×106×48mm Capacity:350ml
Rated voltage:5V1A
Hydrogen concentration:1000ppb
Net weight:410g
Operating temperature:0-40℃
Cup lid: Food grade PC+ aluminum alloy
Cup Body: Food Grade PC
Base: Food-grade PC
Electrolytic ring: Titanium platinum electrode

The Benefits Of Hydrogen Rich Water

Hydrogen is the smallest substance in the universe and can help clear free radicals from cells. And use the redox effect of hydrogen molecules to combine with malignant free radicals. After combining, it becomes non-toxic and harmless water and is discharged from the body, which can promote metabolism well and improve the sub-health state of the human body. Drink water for a long time to help improve metabolism, improve allergies, repair damaged cells throughout the body, immune regulation, eliminate inflammation, prevent cell mutations, relieve muscle soreness, restore physical strength faster, delay skin aging and so on.


In the future, we  get used to a good lifestyle, like drinking hydrogen water every day. Few people can truly follow a healthy lifestyle. They must have a lot of willpower to sustain themselves for a long time. However, drinking water is a fundamental activity in life. You just need to change ordinary drinking water for hydrogen-containing drinking water to bring health to everyone. Drinking hydrogen water is easy to develop health. life habit


For Children: Promote the development of the cerebral cortex and improve memory.
Calcium deficiency in children leads to poor development of bones and teeth; hydrogen-rich water is rich in ionized calcium due to electrolysis, and calcium is more easily absorbed.Enhance children's immunity and help develop drinking habits Hydrogen-rich water tastes sweet and smooth, which helps to develop good drinking habits while staying away from bicarbonate-like acidic beverages.

For The Elderly: Hydrogen-rich water has a good relief effect on constipation, because of its small molecular characteristics, strong solubility and permeability, it can promote gastrointestinal reflexes, enhance bowel movements, and promote excretion, usually constipation symptoms can be improved for 10 days.Hydrogen ion contained in hydrogen-rich water can prevent unsaturated fatty acids from combining with active oxygen to form oxidized lipid unsaturated fatty acids, which can improve hypertension.

For Adult:The aging of the body originates from oxidation. From the perspective of health and skin care, hydrogen-rich water can resist oxidation, thereby playing a role in beauty and anti-aging. In addition, hydrogen-rich water can reduce inflammation damage and accelerate inflammation repair. The generated hydrogen ions enter the body to clear malignant free radicals, protect the liver, improve the liver's ability to metabolize fat, and improve metabolic ability. Not only is it not easy to gain weight, but also because of poor metabolic ability The problems caused by high blood pressure, high blood fat, fatty liver, diabetes, etc. will be improved.