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Sdyfu Portable Ion Detox Machine Foot Spa Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath


What's the toxin from and why need detox?

Portable Ion Detox Machine Foot Spa Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath

Product Name :Foot Detox Spa Material :ABS
Packing:Color Box
Application:Health Care,Beauty salon,  Household, Travel
Function:Multifunction, Health Preservation 


Some highlights of the product

1. High-definition screen touch buttons, full of sense of technology.
2. Timing design, as long as you want to soak. Suggest 30 minutes.
3. Using a foldable portable waterproof foot bath bag, you can soak your feet anytime and anywhere
4. The negative ion detox mode uses more advanced chips. The concentration of negative ions generated during use is displayed on the screen. The best is 2200-2600ppb different models for men, women and children.


Sdyfu  Detox Foot Spa Working Principle

It is a high-tech water detoxification system that can help the body repair itself. Ion purification helps eliminate toxins and stimulate the immune and lymphatic system. The ion detox foot bath balances your energy pathways and enhances the body's natural detoxification capabilities. The ion foot detox machine is a revolution in the field of natural medicine. It uses negative ions and in some cases positive ions to restore balance to the body, thereby strengthening the immune system, helping the body clean, and improving overall health.

The ion produced by the foot detox machine is transported throughout the body through the circulatory system and the lymphatic system, thereby neutralizing oppositely charged toxins in the cells, which are usually slowly excreted from the body. The organs of the human body become energized and stimulated to perform their best functions, so that the human body can better get rid of these toxins through normal urination, defecation and perspiration processes.

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