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Sdyfu Hydrogen Molecular Rich Water Shower Rechargeable Shower


Hydrogen Molecular Rich Water Shower Rechargeable Shower


Bathing with hydrogen water can obtain ultra-high concentrations of hydrogen on the skin, which can produce the most ideal effect on skin diseases, and can also be used as an ideal tool for skin beauty. The study found that hydrogen water bathing can strongly promote systemic microcirculation and core body temperature. This effect suggests that hydrogen water bathing may have the effect of promoting systemic metabolism and may also have the effect of enhancing hyperthermia.



Hydrogen has a unique selective antioxidant effect, which can effectively remove malignant free radicals, repair fine lines, and maintain youthful radiance at all times.

Hydrogen resists UV damage to the skin, effectively inhibits the production of melanin, eases the formation of dark spots, and improves dull skin tone.

Hydrogen can promote collagen synthesis in fibroblasts, enhance skin elasticity, remove old substances at the bottom of the skin, and enhance skin vitality.

Hydrogen has an obvious anti-inflammatory effect, and has a significant repair effect on skin inflammations such as solar dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Studies have found that bathing in hydrogen water combined with drinking hydrogen water can relieve the skin symptoms of psoriasis, and it is also effective for allergic dermatitis and herpes.