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The most popular ion detox foot bath in 2021

The most popular ion detox foot bath in 2021

Sdyfu's latest ion detox foot bath is available this month! Everyone must know the benefits of ion detoxification.

Some highlights of the product:

1. High-definition screen touch buttons, full of sense of technology.
2. Timing design, as long as you want to soak. Suggest 30 minutes.
3. Using a foldable portable waterproof foot bath bag, you can soak your feet anytime and anywhere
4. The negative ion detox mode uses more advanced chips. The concentration of negative ions generated during use is displayed on the screen. The best is 2200-2600ppb different models for men, women and children.

The feet are farthest from the human heart. If the circulation around the feet is blocked, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation. The elderly will lead to poor metabolism and decreased body tissue and organ function. The ion detox foot bath can make the blood circulation of the feet smooth, promote blood circulation throughout the body, accelerate the body's metabolism, supplement nutrition, and supplement your health and normal operation

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