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Ultrasound Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Humidifier


Ultrasound Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Humidifier

The ultrasonic aromatherapy machine uses ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to break up the molecular structure of essential oils through ceramic atomization sheets to produce natural and elegant micro-mists, which are quickly absorbed by the air.

Ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation is used to generate fine water mist, so that the aromatherapy essential oil is diffused into the air, which acts as a diffuser and fills the room with a pleasant aroma.

Make your Home Pleasant & Therapeutic

The Sdyfu essential oil diffuser makes your surroundings fragrant, moisturizes and protects your skin with essential oils, and improves your mood.

Place it anywhere in your home or office -from your living room to your bedroom - to keep your atmosphere stress-free and perfumed with a hint of your favorite scent. Simply add your desired amount of your favorite essential oil to the water and you can enjoy the aroma in your own personal space with our aromatherapy diffusers.


Our diffusers for essential oils have the following features:

· Multifunctional ability (Can be used as a room humidifier or scent diffuser)

· 500ml Capacity

· Use ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to produce fine water mist

· The battery life can reach more than 12 hours

· Visualization of the water tank, timely replacement of aromatherapy/essential oils, etc.

· Quiet setting (≤18dB), this ceramic diffuser is quiet enough to operate. The perfect diffuser for large rooms with essential oils.